Hello everyone! ,

My name is Danielle Buchanan (also known as Danny). I am the CEO of Hair Fantasy by Danny. I am a master Wigologist located in Stone Mountain, GA & Atlanta, GA. I am twenty years old. I am currently a Junior. My favorite hobbies of things I like to do on my free time include Shopping, Travelling, Eating, Doing hair & makeup & spending time with people she loves.

I would be lying if I say the road to get to where I am today was easy. I went through every emotion. My first struggle was starting a New, small black business in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the unknown everyone was fearful of what was going to happen next. Therefore, no one was getting their hair done to sit in quarantine. It was very discouraging at first but, with guidance from my father, faith in god, and prayer, I was able to persevere. Another struggle would be, having to prove myself because I am so young. A lot of people doubted my work.

I started a portfolio of my work via Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. People that I didn’t even know began to support me and it honestly grew from there. I started receiving reviews that I was making people feel beautiful on the outside to compliment their beauty on the inside. Lastly, I was challenged with the Atlanta hair industry being so saturated. I used my time off away from doing hair to notice what other popular hairstylist weren’t doing so I created my own niche market and developed new styles and techniques to launch my business. I created a business plan that focused on excellent customer service and satisfaction. You are able to make an appointment with ease, your appointment is guaranteed to start on time, and you will leave being satisfied with service and experience!

My company name is Hair Fantasy by Danny. This brand was inspired by my favorite quote, “Girls are every boy’s dream but, Hair is every girl’s fantasy. The name was something that anyone could remember and it’s catchy, simple, and cute. My services include: Lace customization, Hair coloring, Quickweaves, Wig construction and installation, and all styles weave-related. Hair Fantasy by Danny was designed for and dedicated to all the young, fearless, sassy bosses that love making people stop and stare because of their hair. I am known for my “scalp-like” lace installs & my exceptional customer service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With that being said, I provide HD lace mink wigs, Hair tools & products that make you feel expensive at a responsible price!

I am most proud of my growth as a stylist and how my brand name has made a difference in women’s lives. What sets me apart from others is that I am consistent in my work and energy. The reviews of my clients are “she’s always on time.” “she was so nice” “she’s very professional” “she’s so fast” “she made me feel so welcomed”. Consistency overrules talent and that is what will keep you booked forever! Finally, I have a great sense of humor and It comes out during appointments so you have great experience.

Read more about me and how I developed my brand: http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-danielle-buchanan-stone-mountain-ga/


Keep it cute, 

The Fantasy way of course,

xoxo Danny 💕